Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Traffic action

It’s been more than a month now and I’m getting used to it. Traffic jams twice a day three days a week are a part of my weekly routine now. I move along with hundreds of cars patiently waiting until we pass the bottle neck and can move freely again.

You know, patience is not one of my main virtues. And though traffic jams offer an excellent possibility to train my patience, I try to fight back and turn waiting into some sort of activity. I’ve discovered that while you stand packed in the jam, you can see the drivers in the car in front of you and the one behind. The distance is very small and there is enough time to seek contact. You check the driver in your mirrors, wave, smile or move and sing along with the radio tunes.

Excellent! For several weeks already that’s what I do while stuck in a traffic jam somewhere between Den Haag and Utrecht - flirting! I consider myself quite an experienced flirt , but traffic jam flirting is a whole new field for me. Given the amount of response I’ve received so far I still have a long way to go. Where in a bar or a meeting 55% of men would respond one way or another, my score in the traffic is about 2%. I’m still trying to figure out the reasons for such a low number of reactions. If you have any tips, please do share! I’d be grateful.

Before hitting the road on my way from work today I stopped at a gas station and cleaned my car windows.


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