Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Instead of a non-stop writing marathon November became a nearly writing-free month. I stopped blogging because I wanted to write a novel. I have written about four thousand words (instead of 50.000) of which one thousand is written in a writing block, so I’d have to type that in before getting the official word count. And I didn’t pursue the writing of my novel because I was dissatisfied with the way the plot was evolving, unsure about the writing style and puzzled about the genre. These latter doubts about my novel’s genre were reflected in my writing style that resulted in the plot taking a direction I didn’t like it to go. And of course my travels to Italy were a major distraction.

Now November is over and it’s time to draw some conclusions.
1. I am not so motivated in writing a novel. The reason is either the lack of a plot, or my slightly perfectionist approach to writing, or the fact that I’m more fascinated by short stories, or maybe even the fact that I don’t really have the patience for writing as a way to fill my day.
2. I like to combine writing with pictures, music and videos. Multimedia seems much more suitable.
3. I like blogging. Whenever I think of anything that happened last year, I think of a corresponding blog post. And that’s fun. I like to have a journal. I tried to keep a journal several times before. Every five years or so I started a new one with a firm intention to hold on to it and keep on writing. It never lasted for more than three weeks, though. This time I’ve been able to keep it up for more than 18 (eighteen!!!!) months. I’d better keep on doing this. Even though blogging deprives me of topics to twitter and FB about.
4. I really crave for writing on other topics than personal. I’d love to write for a company or an organization. I’m not sure any organisation will find my style and skill suitable, but I guess there’s just one way to find out.

One of the latest discoveries (Thanks Anna!): Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life

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