Sunday, 5 December 2010


Next time I really will be done cooking BEFORE my guests come! I can’t remember a party at my place that wouldn’t start with me still in the kitchen. This time was no different. I also have dropped my homemade amandelstaven (is there a name for them in English?), although maybe that was for the best because I don’t believe they’d worked out very well anyway.

What always surprises me is why my guests seem to be unable to eat quite as much as I have to offer. Somehow after the vegetable pie, a salad, oliebollen, pepernoten, kruidnoten, mango milkshakes,  crisps and olives they all declared to be full and didn’t want any cheese, bonbons or ice-cream anymore. So if you feel like Ben&Jerry’s or oliebollen with hot chocolate feel free to drop by on Sunday (which is already today). I have a lot more so don’t worry - you won’t starve.

Despite the amandelstaven disaster it was a great party. Fighting for presents in a game was hilarious and it seems everybody has taken home at least one very nice present. I really need a much bigger table and more chairs so I can host bigger parties.

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