Thursday, 16 December 2010


Today I spent forty minutes looking for the right notepad and the right page. I have about 20 notepads of different sizes with plain, squared or lined paper with all kinds of notes and scribbles. Somewhere in one of those notepads, amidst the notes and scribbles there is a page that I needed to find.  On that page I have written down my goals for this year – 2010. It was a short list of four of five points and today I felt like evaluation. Something inside me was demanding an evaluation claiming a day later might be too late. So I spent forty minutes looking for my goals.

I found them. Four. Take dancing lessons. Achieve financial stability. Get a car! Visit a new country. In that particular order.

Ok, evaluate. I took dancing lessons. Many people might have a different definition of financial stability, but I am very happy with the balance between my finances and my freedom I have managed to achieve this year. I have a car.

Right! Here’s the catch. I haven’t visited a new country yet! Now I have sixteen days to reach that goal. No, wait. It’s not that easy. I plan to stay in the Netherlands for Christmas. Which leaves me five days to leave towards a new destination. And to make it even more difficult: I’ve been almost to all countries in Europe and the ones I haven´t visited yet are rather cold this time of the year.

But no matter how complicated it seems,  I will visit a new country this year. Watch me!


  1. Andorra ? San Marino ? Liechtenstein ? Monaco :-) ?

  2. I've been to Andorra. And as I said, the rest of them are too cold this time of the year.

  3. Monaco ? 11C now....


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