Friday, 19 November 2010

Special powers

My mother warned me not to watch too much TV. Especially TV series. Ok, my mother didn’t, but someone else certainly did. I knew it would go wrong one day. NCIS, Bones, Dr. House, Heroes, Prison Break, Gillmore Girls… The latter might be the less harmful of them all, but you never know.

The Great Deep Unconcious has chosen Heroes. Which means – people with powers. I must have some powers too. I do not heal instantly (tried), I cannot become invisible (tried many times), I cannot split in two (many attempts failed), I cannot fly (even though I do not need pills to travel anymore), but there must be something! Walking through walls for example.

Yesterday I decided to try this special power of mine. I was at a friend’s place and left in a hurry because I had to go home and call my mother. Once in the lobby of the apartment building I didn’t bother opening doors. That’s too slow. Walking full speed through a glass wall seemed much more efficient. So I did. Walked through the glass wall. Or… Well, at least I‘ve tried…

The wall resisted. All I managed is to leave a clear full colour imprint of my forehead, nose and lips on the wall. I took a step back to admire the image. But I couldn’t really see. I couldn’t really breathe either. I sat on the stairs for some minutes getting myself together, fighting the pain in my head and the nausea. When I could see clearly again, I looked at the imprint on the glass and decided to wipe it off with my handkerchief. I left the building through the door. How dull.

I was worried half of my face would turn blue the next day. “If they ask anything at work I’ll say my boyfriend hit me” – I thought after I told him the story and he laughed (!). But it turned out ok. Nobody noticed anything and the pain is almost gone now.

Crying was a part of the experience.

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