Friday, 10 December 2010

Bad weather


  1. Did it take so long to realize?
    And maybe it works also without the wet snow?


  2. Maybe you should get a driver's licence before placing this kind of coments? ;)

  3. Its a nice excuse to use, not having to think over these things ;) So .. the other has none, so he doesn't know shit about it ... and the other never uses the street, never get almost hit by cars (I wonder, how much saver and beter the world would be if people with a driverslicence stop acting stupid and realize they have a lot to learn - still (maybe even from them without).

  4. @Anonymous Whoever you are: I didn't hit anyone so far. Not planning to do either. And considering the fact that I effectively have only three months of driving experience - I am one of the better drivers. Wet snow is dangerous even for experienced drivers and I'd had a very useful lesson in reacting and controlling the car once you lost control of it.

    BTW, don´t tell me you don´t disregard traffic rules and act recklessly when you bike!


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