Monday, 6 December 2010

Social networks

21:20 Twitter-twitter-twitter. One of the twitterers I follow has posted something that caught my attention. I zoom into the conversation (a great feature btw).
21:22 I follow the conversation until I find someone’s response interesting. I click through to see the profile and read more tweets. There is a link in one of the tweets. I choose to follow that link.
21:26 The link leads to an article about marketing. It’s quite entertaining and short (very important!) so I read it to the end. I then follow to another article listed as related.
21:28 I scan through the article, but don’t really read it. It’s not very interesting and my attention is already caught by an item on the list of “interesting resources”. I follow the link.
22:17 The link brings me to a website with loads of resources  on social media. I get carried away and read several articles. I want to find out more about the author which is possible by clicking on her name.
22:20 I find myself on a website of a person (for a change). But I don’t stay for long – there’s a link to her FB profile. Off to Facebook.
22:26 Scroll through the posts on the wall, read the comments. There’s a funny comment by one of the friends, I check out her profile.
22:29 Scroll through the posts on the wall, read the comments, watch a video posted two days ago. Go on to the ‘Info’ tab. There’s a link to her account on Twitter which I follow.
22:33 I read her tweets for the past three days and decide to follow her. I am about to leave the page when I see the link to her website. Why not go there?
22:37 Hey, it’s a blog! I read the last five posts. Then I read the comments to these posts in reversed order (starting with the last read post). After reading the comments and occasionally commenting myself I decide to check out the people who commented.
23:02 After checking out three blogs (one post each) I suddenly find one worth reading through. I get carried reading more and more back in the time. I stop in August 2010. I need to follow this. And I want to recommend it to more people. Add it to Sasja’s frequent reads is my way of doing so.
00:09 After updating my blogroll I decide to check some of the other listed blogs – it has to stay frequent. After going through all of them, placing comments and laughing at some pictures I end up checking the visitors of one of the blogs.
00:47 I see seven absolutely worthless blogs and one Twitter profile. Scroll through the tweets (nothing exciting) and go back to my own page to see the tweets posted by the people I follow. One of the friends reflects on an issue he’d mentioned before which reminds me that I wanted to read a particular post on his blog. I move to Facebook to find the address and click through to the blog.
01:08 The post I wanted to read has been written in the beginning of September, although it feels like yesterday. It takes some time to find it, but finally I manage. I read, comment and suddenly realise there must be more people I know who have a Twitter account. Go to Twitter and try to trace those through LinkedIn. And Gmail. And Hotmail. Done.
02:11 02:11?! WTF?! And I still have to blog!

The Social Network is not an art house film, but surprisingly inspiring nonetheless.

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