Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Today my mother and I indulged in buying jewellery. I now have five new necklaces in addition to another three or four I bought in July. Because not buying and not wearing jewellery is not an option I have made the following conclusions:
  1. I need a special closet for my jewellery.
  2. I need more occasions to wear the most funky and fancy jewellery I have.
  3. I need more money to buy more jewellery.
  4. I have to admit to collecting jewellery and treat the most exclusive pieces as art rather than objects of daily use.
To implement the number four on the list I am going to frame some of the necklaces and hang them on my walls. The rest will take more time. Suggestions for the fancy jewellery occasions are highly appreciated!

To give you an idea - I bought this in green(ish) today -->

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