Thursday, 11 August 2011


At some point in my life I’ve started celebrating victories. Every once in a while I take a moment to reflect on things I’ve achieved so far be it my biking skills, my fairly large wardrobe or the amount of different places I visited. It probably has something to do with growing older and learning not to take things for granted be it speaking foreign languages, male attention or living in the Netherlands. You may find it silly, but this reflecting on my achievements works very well for me. It helps me to enjoy my life. To enjoy it more.

Of course not every achievement is a victory. Not every achievement however great feels like a victory. But some do. Like my first enjoyable ride in a rollercoaster or my first flight without an air sickness pill.

This year I’ve achieved one more victory on my birthday. A victory over my acrophobia! I know I’m not there yet and there’s a lot of work to be done. But last Saturday I went to the mountains and walked through the paths as wide as the width of my single foot risking falling off a steep slope. In some places the path consisted of little loose stones moving in every direction as soon as you set your foot on them. There was nothing to cling on to. My heart was beating like crazy and at some points cold sweat covered my whole body.

But I did it! I walked the whole way up and down. And I won!

I was even taking photos! -->

<-- On a not most challenging part of the path.

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