Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Reverse engineering

The last couple of days I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of my ideal man. I can’t name the immediate cause for these thoughts. I’d just stumbled upon them, probably not by pure chance, but still quite unexpected.

I thought of putting all the characteristics of my ideal man on paper to get a portrait of that wonderful creature. I could frame it, put it on my wall and admire him.

But instead of writing down all the positive things I’d love to see in my man, I kept on thinking of everything I don’t want. My head was overflowing with negative features of all my ex partners, male friends and family members, acquaintances and men I’d heard or read about.

Maybe I should write down all the negative stuff and then try to (re)construct my ideal man by applying the opposite? Would ‘reverse engineering’ be a correct term for this?

De-Phazz - Heartfixer


  1. Perhaps you should spend less time on lists and instead go out and meet people. You'll know when you like someone.

    I can't believe any successful marriage exists where the partners don't dislike some 'negative stuff' that you'll be putting on a list and perhaps use to refuse a nice guy.

    Focus on your happiness and somebody will reveal himself. Or not, but then at least you'll be happy...

  2. If you like to dream, that's ok. But an ideal creature consists of an ideal collection of ideal, non-ideal and simply specific (not negative) properties. Proportions of the properties may vary. ;-) Привет из Москвы! ;-)

  3. @Oprah Don't worry, I don't spend all my time on making lists. I am just too result oriented: two days of pondering should result in SOMETHING. Even if it's jus a list. :)

    In fact, I think I should go out less and concentrate on my work instead. And happiness. :)

    Thank you for the tip. :)

  4. @Anonimous из Москвы
    Thanks for the tip too! I'll make sure to include non-ideal and specific properties in the list. ;)


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