Monday, 8 August 2011


Liechtenstein is a little exotic country occupying 160.475 km2 between Switzerland and Austria. Exotic because it’s so tiny. And because it’s an absolute monarchy. That’s basically it.

An average traveller won’t see much difference between Switzerland and Liechtenstein. If you xdoze away for a couple of minutes while on the bus from Sargans to Vaduz, you might miss the sign on the Gadoz bridge. No border controls. Same currency. Same sky rocketing prices. Same language, dialect even. Same mountains. Oh wait! The overwhelmingly ugly modern architecture isn’t quite Swiss.

This country is so tiny and so attached to Switzerland – it’s almost ephemeral. Iwent to the tourist office in Vaduz (the capital village), paid two euro and let them put a stamp in my passport. Now the country is real. And I’ve been there. I celebrated my birthday there. And on my birthday I achieved a new victory (will blog about it later). I also had a revelation (will write about that too in due time). At the same time in the same country I’ve completed one of my goals for this year (visit two new countries, after Cyprus Liechtenstein brought me there).

So for me this country is special. Is it worth visiting? Don’t ask me. Decide for yourself.

I loved this sound!

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