Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ghost town

It’s 1:00. Raining. No cars on the road. I’m trying to fight sleepiness, but there’s nothing along the road to keep me awake. It’s either dark patches of land or even darker plains of water.  I’ve changed several CDs, but no music is able to break the dark sleepy mood of this rainy night. The wipers make squeaking sounds reminding me they need to be replaced.

I browse through the CDs once again in search of something refreshing while we cross another bridge. Suddenly I realise it’s not as dark outside anymore. “It cannot be sunrise yet, it’s just 1:00 in the morning” – I look around in silent amazement. The landscape that we are crossing terrifies me, but invokes admiration at the same time. I stop searching for music, the car engine and the wipers produce the fitting soundtrack for this.

These must be factories: huge spaces covered by huge grey shapes. They have no windows, but there are lights attached to every corner of each shape. There are so many lights, they create the ‘sunrise’ in the middle of the night. I can’t recall seeing anything so sinister yet so grand ever before.

The ghost town is large, it takes us ten, maybe even fifteen minutes to pass. In the rain. In silence. Guided by the gleamy lights. Europort…

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