Monday, 21 February 2011


They say creative people have a distinguishing ability to think up more than ten uses for any given object. Trying to myself I am quite as creative as I think I am, I decided to come up with some creative uses for a hanger:
1.    Hang clothes on, obviously.
2.    Hang other things on: bags, curtains, necklaces, stockings, lashes, you get the idea.
3.    I once tried to use a hanger to open my front door from outside. It didn’t work, but it could have.
4.    Use in a suit while wearing it to make your shoulders appear broader and stronger.
5.    Give to a child as a toy.
6.    Wrap in fancy paper and give as a present to someone and then enjoy watching the confusion on their face.
7.    Hang on a tree pretending as a Christmas decoration.
8.    Wear on your neck instead of a necklace.
9.    Utilise wire hangers to construct a kite.
10.    Make a lamp (like the one here).
11.    Use instead of a ruler to draw straight lines.
12.    Build a fence.
13.    Apply in the garden if you lack proper garden equipment.
14.    Whip up eggs and cream (needs some training).
15.    Let your cat jump through a hanger instead of hula-hoop – much more impressive!
16.    Burn wooden hangers in the fireplace.
17.    Hit someone.
18.    Torture living creatures.
19.    Employ for kinky sex games (use your imagination).
20.    Use as murder weapon.

So far for my creativity. Got any of your own? Name more uses for a hanger in comments. I will reward the most original. The winner will receive... Exactly!


  1. 21. Musical triangle (mostly for deafs).
    22. Butter/cheese cutter.
    23. Tent holder.

  2. Also:
    24. Connect many hangers in a chain and use as a sort of rope ladder.

  3. :)
    25. Stirrups.
    26. Fish hook (for sharks :) ).


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