Thursday, 3 March 2011

Elections every day!

Even though I'm officially Dutch for more than five years, there are still moments when I feel like a freshman.  Travelling with my Dutch ID (without a passport) makes me excited. Voting during elections does too. So this morning I cast my vote in the provincial elections. Not that I’ve spent much time on making a choice, but I did feel a slight elation this morning.

With my voting ticket and my ID I entered the voting station. Four 50+ men nearly jumped up when I entered. “Madam, you are very welcome! We are delighted to see you here!” – their faces lit up in genuine joy. With great enthusiasm they checked my ticket and my ID (in the meanwhile entertaining me with some remarks about the cold, but sunny weather), gave me the ballot paper and showed the cabin. They were quiet while I was busy putting the red dot. “This way, please.” – one of them gestured showing me  the container where I had to deposit the paper with my vote on it. And then: “Madam, you are great! Have a very nice day!”

Can we have elections every day? Please?

Stubled upon this by chance: Kings of Convenience - Homesick

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