Friday, 4 March 2011


I am tired. Exhausted. Drained. It’s a usual Thursday evening and I can’t find any explanation for this lousy state I’m in. I’m total loss. And hungry.

I crave meat balls and baked potatoes. Plus a salad. With my boots and coat still on I make my way to the kitchen. Something tells me I won’t find any meat balls there. Dirty dishes awaiting their turn in the dishwasher – yes. Meat balls – no. I put the boiler on for tea and reach for the half-empty pot of pickled cucumbers in the fridge. I fish for the cucumbers with a fork, my coat still on.

I’d be more than happy with a chicken dish. With rice. Plus a salad. I took off my coat and kicked out my boots. I did a couple of short chat conversations. I go to the kitchen again only to discover that the dirty dishes are still there and the chicken with rice is still not. I take a chocolate bon-bon.

Grilled salmon with lemon dressing and mashed potatoes would be nice. And a salad. I make another cup of tea, eat a mango and three pieces of salami. There’s no grilled salmon in the kitchen and I move to the bathroom to spend the next couple of hours in bath. That’s a hell of a relaxation, but unfortunately it doesn’t take away the hungry feeling.

Now I finally go to the kitchen and actually make a salad which I eat as write this.
VACANCY: Cook for 1-2 times a week. You will get a good company and a grateful eater. Modest monetary remuneration is negotiable.

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