Sunday, 8 November 2009

Wie is er niet groot mee geworden?

I first ‘met’ peanut butter in 1991, during my trip to USA. I loved it! At that time there was nothing like Nutella in Kiev shops. (There was hardly anything in shops, we even had to line up for bread.) Peanut butter was a true discovery. I had to wait for another five years before I could try the Dutch version of peanut butter – pindakaas. It was even better than the American version, because it wasn’t sweet. Once John and I attended a conference in The Hague. We stayed at a friend’s place and I remember eating up a 600g jar of pindakaas with a spoon. John was angry: “You can’t eat up somebody’s food just like that!” but I just couldn’t stay away from it! :)

Once during a dinner at John’s student house the six of us were watching TV. An old Calvé pindakaas commercial appeared during the commercial break. At the end of it there is a (rhetorical) question: “Calvé Pindakaas, who didn’t grow up with it?” Five people pointed fingers at me and said: ”She didn’t!” :D

When I moved to the Netherlands I tried different brands of pindakaas. I compared them and made my choice once and forever. There are several reasons for which I love this country and this is one of them: Calvé pindakaas met stukjes noot!

P.S. My father calls it пиндюкас. :D


  1. Would I bring you some peanut butter from States next month?Any favor ?

  2. I've exactly this butter in refrigerator. I hate it and i think we're all fooled, though.

  3. @Sotiris - Thank you, but I've made my choice once and forever ;)

    @Ana - Why do you think we are all fooled? (p.s. you don't have to keep peanut butter in the fridge, it's better when it's not cold)


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