Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I was waiting for the train at Den Haag HS when two Muslim girls appeared on the platform. Their heads were covered with black scarves the way most Muslim women do it in the Netherlands. That’s how I knew they were Muslim. But the rest just didn’t fit in the picture. They were wearing mini skirts and high boots and one of them had a can of Red Bull in her hand. They seem to have their own very original interpretation of Islam. I took a picture with my phone, but it didn’t turn out very sharp. I hope you can still see enough.

“When are you finally going to copy the music for me?” He means this:


  1. Dear Sasja, can I be your spelling nazi? I've noticed in this post and in previous when you want to say 'knew' you write 'new'.

    I don't think these girls will force their daughters into wearing headscarves.

  2. Sander, thanks a lot for the spelling correction! Maybe I should write my posts before the midnight when I'm still able to focus on the spelling.

    I don't think these girls are forced to cover their heads. They wouldn't be allowed to wear mini skirts. I think it's a matter of identity rather than religion.

  3. Since today I am not surprised anymore :P Probably a Muslima, with a covered head ... but with a cleavage so deep, in Kyiv they would be jealous. I'll try to find out if those pictures were a succes :P


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