Friday, 20 November 2009


A couple of days ago there was this huge Vodafone network failure in the Netherlands. Huge amounts of communication have gone wrong. Dutch municipalities use Vodafone for their business – I guess most municipality services were (partly) paralysed.

My imagination took this even further. Imagine you wake up one morning and the whole concept of mobile networks and cell phones is gone. All the rest stays the same, but without cell phones. I was trying to imagine how my day would go if this happened: I have to rush to work, but cannot find my cell anywhere. I try calling my number from Skype with no success. Finally I leave the house without my phone trying to convince myself I can survive one day without my phone. I manage to get to work without noticing anything strange on the way. But at work it appears EVERYBODY misses their cell phone. Calling friends and relatives becomes rather tricky, because we don’t know numbers by heart anymore. But every mobile number we try to dial seems to be ‘out of use’ or non-existing...

Hmm, this is a very nice topic for a Sci-Fi story. Is anyone interested to explore it any further?


  1. no mobile communication ?
    Do we gain some freedom again ?
    Is a nice way to remember the old good days of paper agendas?Hand writing notes ?
    Are we writing letters to other people we love again?
    No internet ? It sounds bit difficult to live without instant information but time to re invent some stuff again ?
    You name it .

  2. Internet and e-mail remain, only mobile phones are gone.


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