Friday, 6 November 2009


A friend has posted this link on her Facebook wall today. It’s about millions of people worldwide who would like to permanently move to another country. It appears that every tenth person wants to immigrate. I wonder why there are so many restrictions on migration imposed by the governments. With such a significant number one would expect that the process of immigration would be actively supported and facilitated by the governments.

If people want to leave your country – help them. Who needs unhappy citizens anyway? When they leave there’s  space for new people who want to move in. If you have less space than applicants you will even have a choice: high educated women, IT-specialists, blonde tall guys, vegetarians, people who own a voodoo doll, you name it.

One might argue that there are too many people willing to move and countries (especially the most popular ones) will never be able to accommodate everyone. Let me dismiss this argument right away. Many  people who say they would like to switch countries will never do it even if supported by the government. The fact that you cannot make everyone happy doesn’t mean you should prevent people from getting happy or not try to make at least some people happy.

What we need to do is stop being afraid of foreigners and stop trying to give everyone an equal chance. The latter only leads to more restrictions.

Would world be a better place if everyone could freely choose in what country they want to live?

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  1. It is just as with free trade: we all want it, but not in our country.
    Who takes the first step?


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