Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What men feel

I met her at my ballroom dance school. Her face looked very familiar but I couldn’t place it. I was with a man, a dance partner for the night. She sat by the bar. Alone. “Hi! Where do I know you from?” – what a bad opening! I can’t believe I’ve just used it! This is so embarrassing! I bet my partner was happy he wasn’t in my place.

“I don’t know!” – she looked a bit surprised. “Do you dance salsa at Universalsa?” “Yes! You too?” – the joy of relief! I now have something to build a conversation upon and she knows my question wasn’t just meant to start a conversation with her. After all being approached by a woman if you are female does feel a bit weird. We started talking and she was chatting in a very cute way. She was fast, I couldn’t keep up and just kept looking at her in amazement.

The three of us talked, danced and when the school closed we decided to have a drink in a café next door. The café was not open to the general public that night – some wealthy kid was celebrating his or her 25th birthday. The security let us in without further questions. It was warm and crowded. We joined the dancing youth on the ground floor. That’s when I noticed how small she was. I’m not tall at all (163cm), but I felt really big and bearish comparing to her. There was very little space – a perfect excuse to dance very close to her. She didn’t mind.

A safety pin that was holding the belt around her waist bent and opened. She threw it away, took the belt off and next... her tiger print blouse was off too. Wow! She was wearing a thin white singlet. I couldn’t take my eyes off the skin on her shoulders. I kept on wondering how her bra looked like. We danced and danced. It was really warm and I was covered with a thin layer of sweat. I ran my hand over her breasts. Kept it there longer than necessary to feel how wet her singlet was. She didn’t look intimidated, surprised or uncomfortable. Not a bit. “You’re soaking wet!” “It’s his sweat!” – she said enthusiastically pointing at “our” man.

He dropped me off at my place and drove on to bring her home. It was two o’clock and everything that happened felt rather unusual to me. I wonder: this whole night – is this how a man feels when he meets an attractive girl?

I don’t understand this but like the sound:
What happened last night

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