Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Job interview or What to wear

I have a job interview tomorrow. It’s been long since I had my last job interview – almost two years. I am not worried (yet), but that might of course change tomorrow. The position I am applying for is Innovatiemedewerker (Innovation employee! sounds cool, doesn’t it?) at NBvP – a very old Dutch women’s association. I have just read all the information they sent me and browsed through their website. To me it looks like their members are getting older and the challenge would be to attract younger women as well as women with other cultural backgrounds (other than Dutch that is). Tomorrow I’ll find out how they see it and whether or not I can (and want to) help them. While reading NBvP magazines I have realised that I actually never understood the point of belonging to an organisation because of your gender or native language. So if I get this position it will definitely be a challenge! Anyway the job sounds fun, creative, will not take too much of my time and is just 15 minutes by bike from home. No idea about the salary, though.

What I am worried about now is… what shall I wear for the interview tomorrow? Yeah, I am a woman! Seriously, all my trousers are too large for me now, so no suit. A dress? By the way, tips on how to gain weight without losing the balance are welcome!

For dinner tonight:

Beef Wellington. It's supposed to look like this when it comes out of the oven. Wish me luck!

Question: what jewellery to wear for a job/project interview at an international wholesaler in fashion accessories?
Trivia: my weight is 51kg with my clothes on.


  1. Hoi Sasja,
    Bij zo'n damesclub zou ik een jurk aantrekken.
    Dat staat je altijd erg goed en past denk ik ook goed in hun beeld van een ideale medewerkster ;-)

  2. Sasja,
    Als sieraad lijkt me iets eigenzinnigs een mooie binnenkomer om het gesprek mee te beginnen. ;-)


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