Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Chaos and “Männer sind Schweine”

The interview at NBvP was fine. I had a creative stroke when they asked “What do you think we should do to attract more potential members?” The ladies seemed interested and happy with my answers.

Here’s what I looked like today. I know it’s difficult to see the outfit on this picture, but I enjoyed the process of taking a photo in the mirror. Yes, I do have more frivolous dresses.

Back home I got an MSN conversation with someone who was not on my list. He/she refused to tell their name but kept talking in vague sentences as long as it took me to google their e-mail address. It was a friend who “called” just to share some of his positive energy with me and tell me about this German song called “Männer sind Schweine” :). Men can be very sweet sometimes.

So, I told him my life was ok, just a little chaotic. And then I realised how true this was. If you know me – I am not a messy person. My house is clean, there’s food in the fridge, fruit and snacks, the bills are paid and everything is under control with Photobeads. But my head and heart are a complete chaos, full of contradictory thoughts and emotions. I feel confused, scared and sad, but also happy, confident and full of energy at the same time. What’s going on and how to get out of this?

I took a bath to prepare for the interview at Versteegh tomorrow, but since I had very little information to read through, I have spent most of the time thinking of a jewellery piece to serve as a conversation starter. Now all I have to do is find an outfit that fits the necklace I have in mind ;).

Trivia: my bath is 180x90cm

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