Friday, 27 March 2009


All right, I got the job at Versteegh! It took me six and a half weeks to find a job. I will start Monday or Tuesday next week. This is a project for six months. I will work three to four days in the beginning and one or two days towards the end. I am very excited!

I wanted to have another salsa lesson tonight (lower level), but have completely forgotten that my bicycle has a flat tire. By the time I’ve (re)discovered that, it was too late to go by public transport or walk. So now I'm sitting here with my makeup on, nicely smelling (True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger) and write this post. The last chance to take a trial salsa lesson is on Sunday. I’ll take that.

The whole day green is on my mind. First green leaves, smell of spring… Last Sunday I was cleaning dry leaves in my garden and discovered new shoots of garlic and parsley underneath! The garlic smells so nice – a nice addition to green salads. I have to go through my seeds and start planning my vegetable garden already.

Have some green from Yonderboi (I hope this works):

Trivia: I have two green dresses, one green skirt, one green top, one green blouse with short sleeves and one green sweater.

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