Sunday, 29 March 2009

Опасайтесь лысых и усатых and be jealous!

My friend came over today and we fixed the flat tire on my bicycle. We also repaired the gears (finally!) and fastened the standard (or whatever the name of this thing is). He even cleaned the bike using sunflower seed oil :). Too bad I had to discover that my front light doesn’t work on my way back from the salsa lesson (I gave up on my back light long ago).

Salsa makes you happy! It’s a fact. There is so much energy in the air when everybody’s dancing on this happy music. Salsa lessons and parties are also a perfect way to meet lots of very interesting people. The Hague is full of international organisations and many foreign employees take salsa lessons. I met this guy called Alexander (Sasha) who is originally from Yugoslavia, but who moved to the US 15 years ago and now he works in the Netherlands. It was fun to discover we are both called Sasha. I doesn’t happen to me anymore since I left Ukraine. And the two sisters from Spain are real fun! We were chatting before the lesson and in the break. And after the lesson we discussed all the men we danced with. HA!

I am going to book my flight to Kiev now. I am going there in May and while I'm there, my mother and I are planning to go to Moscow for a couple of days. Moscow! MOSCOW! Be jealous!

I took this tourist cliché photo three years ago. Our train arrived very early and we got to the Red Square at 7:00 in the morning. There were hardly any people and you could hear nightingales!

Для тех, кто умеет читать по-русски: читайте „Самую легкую лодку в мире” Юрия Коваля и опасайтесь лысых и усатых!

Trivia: my mother tongue is Russian and my Dutch is better than my Ukrainian.


  1. Sorry about the fault!!! :)

  2. Well, you know what you have to fix next time you come to visit ;)


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