Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Morality police

A minute away from home I felt a touch of cold wind on my back. The combination of low waist jeans and waist jacket might help to show off my slim structure, but it has its shortcomings. I pulled the hem of my top down to cover my bare back just to feel the cold wind half-a-minute later. I repeated this another couple of times until I finally gave up. Once I get off the bike the problem will vanish, why bother for the ten minutes through the half empty streets?

I’ve almost reached the station when I heard someone talking behind me. A woman caught up with me. It appears she was talking to me. “Ma-am, your underwear” - she said with a stern look. “Ah, thank you!”- I replied pretending I didn’t know my knickers (the same colour as my shoes, mind you!) were showing. I pulled down the top once again while she’d overtaken me and disappeared around the corner.

Was she from the some kind of morality police? My, how much a country can change in two weeks!

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