Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Seat cover fuss

You know bicycle is an important part of your life if:
  • you sometimes forget to lock your back door, your front door or a door of your car, but never ever forget to lock your bicycle;
  • finding a free, convenient and legitimate parking space at the station makes for a good start of the day;
  • seeing a bicycle with a tag ‘homeless’ does not surprise you;
  • coming back from work and finding your bicycle with a new seat cover makes for a good start of the evening;
  • you get upset if your seat cover is stolen;
  • you steal a seat cover to replace the stolen one;
  • the one you steal was placed on a ‘homeless’ bicycle by the police.
Also, if you recognise yourself in all or most of the above situations you most certainly live in the Netherlands.

Dutch Cowgirls found this seat cover at the station in Delft. Exactly the same cover was stolen off my bike at Den Haag Centraal station.

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