Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Saturday I was at a restaurant with my classmates to mark twenty years since we left school. A curious thing happened there when we ordered coffee. I asked for a cappuccino, but the waitress said they couldn't make it. She suggested a coffee with cream. I agreed. She brought espresso with a little cup of cream. One of my friends asked for the cream too. "We are out of cream" – the waitress said. This never happened to me before!

Last night I went out for a dinner with a Dutch group (ten people) visiting Kiev on a fun trip. They ordered wine. After two bottles the waitress said: "We don't have this wine anymore. Would you please choose another one?" After three bottles that other wine was gone too. We found that quite entertaining.

We are so used to live in the state of total abundance of everything that even the idea of a deficit makes us laugh. Isn't this actually sick?


  1. You never wonder about the things which are there for granted! Until they are suddenly gone! Just like good health or love! Maybe we should care more about daily blessings or take our daily moment to enjoy them?

  2. @Anonimous Indeed, that's probably the clue. Complaining less could be a good idea too.


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