Sunday, 29 May 2011

Survival skills

The queue at the registration desks for the flight to Amsterdam this morning looks like it’ll never end. I walk past it to the ‘Baggage drop’ desk. No queue whatsoever. I was ready within two minutes as opposed to at least 30 minutes all the other passengers seemed to be willing to spend.

Next stop: security and customs. People clutter before the entrance doubting whether they are allowed to take the line with no queue. Some decide to avoid it and opt for the lines with a queue. I walk right past them. Another two minutes. Of course knowing what NOT to put in my hand luggage and what shoes NOT to wear helps as well.

Last obstacle – passport control. Several long queues for Ukrainian citizens. Two shorter for the foreigners. One window for foreigners is open, but nobody is lining up. Ukrainians avoid it because they are not foreigners; foreigners don’t realise it’s open because there’s no queue. I walk through saving another ten minutes.

I just saved about forty five minutes that I can spend to have a breakfast and buy a women’s magazine. As I chew on my way too expensive croissant with cheese I wonder why people tend to follow the crowd even though it rarely contributes to their advantage.

MOVITS! - Swing För Hyresgästföreningen

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