Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Almost ready

Yesterday I came in the part of the city, where the Olympic stadium is being rebuilt up to UEFA standards for the EURO 2012. Great construction sites are great photo venues. I wouldn't have been me if I didn't climb the hill to get a better view.

I found a good spot, shot a few pictures and was ready to explore more of the city. The only problem was – I couldn't find the way out.

"How do I get out of here?" – I asked a construction worker who was passing by. He was not at all surprised to see me there. Some minutes later I understood why.
"Oh just go down these stairs and that way to the metro" – he waved his hand in the direction of the metro station.
I took some steps down the stairs to find myself right in the middle of the construction site with dozens of men laying stairs, digging holes or planting trees. The way ahead looked even more of a construction zone. In the Netherlands I wouldn't be allowed to enter.
"This is the right way" – I heard the voice of 'my' construction worker behind me. "Come, let me walk you to the exit."
"It will be very beautiful when you're finished" – I started a social talk.
"You bet!" – the man sounded very fond of his work. "The only question is: when will we finish?"
"It's all supposed to be done by 2012." – I said.
"They won't manage" – he answered.
"No. Look now you go left and you'll see the exit."
That's when I saw some other people clearly using the construction site as a shortcut to somewhere else. That's why nobody tried to stop me – strangers passing through is perfectly normal here. I thanked the guy and headed for the exit.

Now I think I should go back and actually enter the stadium to make some photos from inside. Although, my mother is concerned about my safety.

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