Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Writing prompts

I decided that when I lack inspiration for my blog I'd use writing prompts and just right about whatever subject is prompted. So if you catch me writing on some absolutely random topic, you know why. Today is the first time I have no topic for the blog after I've made this decision. Write a leaf about spooning. Write about what? Spooning?

I checked the dictionary to be sure I understand what spooning actually means. Besides the act of picking up something with a spoon it also means a couple, resting comfortably front to back like two matching spoons. I am absolutely not in a mood to write about sex or intimacy of any kind tonight.

There’s no way I can write a page (that’s what they mean with a leaf, right?) about using a spoon the way it’s supposed to be used. One day I might challenge myself to come up with a list of hundred ways to use a spoon. One of them will definitely be using a spoon as a little shovel in the sand. My grandmother refused me that pleasure when I was about five years old. She bought me a shovel instead. I still remember. I think it was my greatest childhood trauma. To tell you the truth, every time I pack my bag to go to the beach (which doesn’t happen all that often) I have to resist the temptation to put a table spoon in. I don’t do that because I know things that seemed exciting when we were kids can feel very usual now, when we’re grown up. And I don’t want to ruin the fantasy of excitement to spoon the sand into a castle, a wall, a street or a river.

When was the last time you'd built a sand castle?

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