Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Today I talked to a friend who thinks The 4-Hour Workweek is a very neat idea. I haven’t read the book yet so cannot tell you more about it. But as far as I understand, the idea is that you only do work that brings in the most money and you outsource all of your minor tasks.

I was wondering which of my tasks I could outsource and realized it’s time I get a cleaning lady again. Cleaning is certainly something that takes up a lot of my time and more importantly it ruins the peace of my mind. My apartment is not very big and I am not cleaning very often or too thoroughly. It’s just that I procrastinate so much beforehand and in-between it makes me tired.
Hey! That´s what I need: outsource procrastination! I’d gladly pay someone up to €10 per hour to take that task away from me. Anyone?

Nothing to do with anything, just a nice song: Martha Wainwright - You Cheated Me


  1. where to send my lettter of application...?

  2. @kathy Please apply by e-mail. I will seriously consider your application. :)


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