Sunday, 30 January 2011

IFFR part one

It’s that time of the year again. IFFR. Lantaren/Venster, Luxor, Pathe. It’s the air of creativity and belonging. It’s fully booked restaurants, busy cafes and overcrowded bars. It’s snacks in your bag. Lights out. Hope to see something wonderful. Discussions. Questions to the makers.

Unfortunately not much luck for me yesterday. Lantaren/Venster has moved out of the centre and we were rather unprepared in our planning. We missed 2,5 of the 5 shorts in Oh Stranger. These are diploma films from the young film makers and even though they did pass a long list of gatekeepers – no treasures there.

Small Town Murder Songs looked promising, but something went terribly wrong with the sound. No film without the sound. We got our money back, but I’d rather watch the film.

‘The Swordsman in Double Flag Town’ is a treasure once you get used to the voices – the film is dubbed into English (from Chinese). And for the photography fans among us – excellent!

I think we all have expected a little more from Las Marimbas Del Infierno, although it does have a lot nearly hilarious dialogues. A bit too many things unexplained and an end that’s a little too open. I’ve given it a ‘3’ which isn’t bad at all.

I’m looking forward to Friday!

Yeah, blood...

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