Sunday, 5 June 2011


Even though my house has no secrets for her anymore, she keeps distance. All I get from her is a quick look when she passes me to enter the house. Her business is her business and I have no place in it. She carries herself with a confidence I do not dare to retort.

She took her time for a thorough inspection. Nothing was left unattended. She checked windowsills behind the curtains, paid a visit to my study to discover a messy desk, looked under the couch. She’s studied every bit of the garden and every corner of the garden shed.

Her visits started some weeks ago and became more and more frequent. Until last night when she simply refused to leave. This morning I found her curled on the couch. She looked well rested and satisfied, but didn’t want to stay for breakfast.

If she carries on this way I might need to buy cat food. I just wonder: do I timeshare a house with the neighbours’ cat or a cat with the neighbours?

Hindi Zahra - Set me free

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