Sunday, 7 November 2010


Even though Chris Baty thinks no plot is no obstacle to writing a novel, my result oriented self thinks it is. I haven’t reached 3000 words yet, but I’ve already changed the direction twice. I started from zero to see where it would bring me. I changed after 500 words because I’ve got an idea about a plot as well as about some of the main characters. I was determined to stay in the mainstream fiction genre, but that was boring. Besides, the plot didn’t seem exciting anymore. At 2700 words I felt a need to change. I’m not sure the plot will work, but I feel like trying. And the genre is changing to geek-chick lit.

While I was struggling with my writing I used an old Vogue magazine for some early Christmas crafting.

And when I decided to change the plot and the genre, I needed some internet research (love it even more than writing!) and stumbled upon this:

Lykke Li is my favourite.


  1. Don't stop writing... And try not to think too much if you want to make it. ;) Nanowrimo is clearly not meant for perfectionists.

  2. What i did (discovered/invented writing fiction this year) is keeping an idea of the whole story within a few pages or main points and while writing further i was changing the main story every now and lots of energy goes to this total story and thinking what it has to be....furthermore: the plot can in my opinion better be something that may be a surprise to you as a writer...don't fix on it! Goodluck and try to enjoy it a bit as well;)


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