Thursday, 14 July 2011


I have this urge again. I need to move, be active, change my life drastically. Ten years ago I’d move to another house, change my occupation by 180 degrees, cut my hair short or dye it blond and subscribe for a carpenter’s course or take some other obscure education. But now I´ve grown old and wise enough to keep drastic changes at bay.

Instead I am throwing away stuff. Two days ago I got rid of numerous bottles with hair masks, body lotions, small cosmetics samples and perfumes I never use. My bathroom cabinet is half empty now. Today my mother and I did a major cleansing of the two kitchen cabinets containing spices and tea. I now know I have enough tea for the coming three years. The cabinets are half empty too.

I have to tell you that my mother likes throwing stuff away too. So now both of us are very excited to do the next project: my closet! I will be mercilessly getting rid of clothes. They’ll go to the garbage bin, the clothes collector container at the local supermarket or to Kiev where my mother will give them away to neighbours.

The last stop will be my desk. After that I’ll have a brand new life. Or so I hope...

And this is my mood: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home


  1. the only constant is always... change :/

  2. @wj I guess I don't really mind :)


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