Saturday, 1 December 2012

Washing instructions

Washing instructions – who ever reads them? Yes, those outrageously large ugly tags attached to your clothes that make you itch and ruin the look. And when you remove them they still make you itch. Unless you cut them off with a piece of fabric. I never read what´s on there. Instead I cut them off and wash all my clothes at 30 degrees and hang to dry. If something looks too fragile and is too dear to my heart I wash it by hand.

Tonight while my baby was asleep I wasn´t. How ironic. I went upstairs to distract myself. The washing machine had just finished a 60 degrees programme with a load of baby stuff. That all went straight into the drying machine. After that I loaded the washing machine with more laundry, removed some dry laundry from the line, played with the cat, and did some more useful stuff. Then I sat at my desk and saw the washing instructions tag from my nursing bra. The bra had done the 60 degrees round together with the baby things and was now almost dry in the dryer.

´Hand wash only´ the tag said. You must be kidding.
´Do not dry clean´. LOL!
´Wash with similar colours.´ So with what colours do you wash a thing that´s light blue with white and pink?
‘Wash inside out.’ ‘Dry flat’. ‘Do not tumble dry’. Ow...

I think I’d better go to bed now. And see what comes out of the dryer in the morning.

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