Friday, 3 February 2012


At eight in the morning, before leaving to work, I look in the mirror. “Not bad! Not bad at all!” That’s what I think then. It doesn’t happen every day, but yesterday morning I thought just that: “Not bad!” My face has a healthy colour, no spots, the hair emphasizes the oval of my face, eyes bright. This makes for a good, relaxed start of the day.

I travel, work, live my day with this relaxed self-confidence. Of course I see myself in the mirror during the day, but just briefly, passing by. At four in the afternoon I take a longer look at myself. “OMG!” That’s what I think then. My skin looks pale, I have bags under my eyes, the hair hangs down helplessly and my eyes mumble something like ‘tired’. This makes for a long, exhausting way home and an uninspiring evening.

How can such a metamorphosis happen in just eight hours?

Agnes Obel - Falling, Catching

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