Thursday, 19 January 2012


On my last day in Abu Dhabi I decided to do what all the other women in our group did during the week – get a beauty treatment. Everybody got at least two treatments and I felt left behind. This was my last chance to be a woman. I took it.

At first I made an appointment for a manicure and a pedicure. Nice. Safe. Boring. But hey, I was getting a treatment at a spa! A lady led me to a nail care room. I don’t know what’d gotten into me, but suddenly I heard myself ask “Is it possible to have a Brazilian wax too?” Well, I said it, she heard it, I couldn’t take it back. “Yes, we will do that after the pedicure.”

Well, the manicure and pedicure part was not anyhow remarkable. But it’s the Brazilian wax that ultimately confirmed my femininity. I was lying there, my pants off and two Philippine women – the hair busters – were closely studying my... well... you know, the thing that needs a Brazilian wax.

Hell it hurt! That apart from being a totally weird experience in the first place. At some point it was hurting so much, I said: “Please remove only the hair, not the whole thing!” “Yes, madam.” The women remained concentrated on the subject.  

“Next time it will not hurt so much” - they promised after they were done. I felt very clean and somehow even light, but I am not sure there will be a next time.

Here’s somebody else’s experiences on the same thing, but then better written. Men! I wish you knew the true price of pretty.


  1. :)) I'm 2morrow on waxing )) Yes, it hurts, Yes, its horrible. nevertheless am doing it once in a three months. It's REALLY WEIRD feeling. Interesting, though.

  2. @CHarlotte Alexandra Maybe in three month I will have forgotten the pain and do it again. :)

  3. Great read Sash :)

    Indeed it could be painful but without being sexist and only talking through personal experience, I wouldn't imagine finding myself in front of a women, not neatly trimmed down there (full or almost i mean). After all, any respectable man do keep theirs neatly kept too (and yes its still equally painful for us boys ! :*( plus we do the back, some chest, eyebrows etc..

    Some call it metro-sexuality (where both sexes seem to move out the original silo and turn into something more of fusion between the two) others just call it trends in beauty. You choose.

    But great you did'll never go back again :)

  4. Well, that's a massive entry from the "rather you than me" file.

  5. @Nick MB Yeah, men don't go that far. Women are strange creatures.

  6. @Aldo It really wasn't bad before the Brazilian either. ;)


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