Tuesday, 25 October 2011


“I like you in every aspect as long as you don’t swear.” A man told me this once. I can see his point. Russian swearwords are rude beyond any imagination and a woman using them looses all or most of her charm very quickly.

I don’t use swearwords in Russian often. At least, usually I don’t. But today someone on Twitter asked about the gender of a Russian swearword. I am a sucker for grammar rules so I responded enthusiastically and, to make my point clear I used two similar swearwords of different gender in one tweet. Someone else responded too, there was a discussion and swearwords flew back and forth. As a cherry on the cake a friend retweeted my initial tweet with the two swearwords letting the world enjoy my illustration of Russian grammar.

Now I guess many people think I’m a low educated, semi-criminal, illegal, drug addicted, vodka drinking prostitute. Because in that case such use of language is totally justified. Oh well...

As a means of compensation: 17 Hippies - Frau von Ungefähr. My German is not so good yet, though. They might as well be swearing for the entire four minutes.

Go ahead this. Maybe this'll help to clean my reputation. Thanks!


  1. Hoi!
    I cannot imagine you loose your s(t)weet temper ,can you ?

  2. @Sotiris It depends a great deal on your definition of sweet. ;)

  3. Привет Сашик,

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shAVsbW9Rvs и послушай ещё Галактику)) если ещё не слушала


  4. I try not to swear too much on Twitter as it looks horrible coarse written down. Plus it kinda lessens the impact of the words if you use them every ten seconds.

    But I do have a bad habit of punctuating my speech with them outloud. I try not to do that too much.

  5. @Nick MB Thanks God your Russian is not so good, so you missed the chance to see me swearing like a drunken truck driver. ;)

  6. @A/S My Russian is non-existent. I did try running your whole Twitter feed through Google Translate but it didn't work. Dammit. ;)


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